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Career Education programs are designed to lead you to employment, 进步, and/or four-year university. Explore new and competitive programs offered here at GCC!

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EDD Unemployment Insurance (UI) Recipients
  • A shout-out to the Visual & Performing Arts Division, Ceramics Chair & Instructor Richard McColl. Thanks again for all your help and guidance throughout this spring term. I’m so glad I continue with the class. What should have been a setback actually pushed me to move forward with the important things I’ve been avoiding, and I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as far without you.阿尔芒
    GCC Student, Spring 2020, 06/04/2020
  • Throughout three years at GCC, this place has provided not only the quality of classes but also various internships (NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and project opportunities. Career Education (CE) has given me a chance to get into UC Berkeley for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major. Also, it made me pursue further education at graduate school. ——唱
    GCC Student, Spring 2020, 06/04/2020
  • GCC CE programs rank #4 on the best trade schools in California!
    Real Work Matters, rwm.org, 06/04/2020